With over 75 collective years experience in the metal finishing industry, our family owned business provides expert service and products for a wide variety of applications.

Our philosophy is to provide quality products at affordable prices. Whether your needs are for a simple cleaning product or complex electroplating process, Access Chemicals can provide the products that give excellent results with excellent value.

We specialise in metal finishing, electroplating, phosphating, paint stripping, cleaning, chemical blacking, bronzing / patina, anodising and aluminium treatment.

We offer an excellent complete service, with quick despatch and testing facilities. Access Chemicals Ltd is a family operated business which still operates with such values.

From the start to the very end of your production line, we provide the products and the knowledge to succeed.

For the perfect finish every time, Access Chemicals deliver.

our products


Whether you plate zinc or nickel, chrome or tin, silver or gold, brass or copper - we use top quality raw materials to manufacture the best solutions to produce and maintain your electroplating.

Bespoke products:

We can manufacture solutions to meet your individual needs. So, contact us to discuss your 'ordinary' or 'out of the ordinary' requirements.

chemical blacking

From pre-treatment to post treatment preparations, we have the products to give excellent results for a perfect finish every time.

We also manufacturers of specialist post-treatment oils, formulating special products, giving extra special results.

Our products have been proven to provide excellent protection in harsh environments, for short-term, humidity protection or longer-term, salt-spray protection, our specialist manufacturing process provide superb products, formulated for performance.

de-greasing & cleaning

We specialise in producing a range of cleaning preparations for a variety of applications, including:

·         janitorial products

·         heavy duty electro-cleaners

·         ultrasonic cleaners solvent degreasers

aluminium processes

Whatever your aluminium process type, we have the expertise and the products to enable you to produce quality work every time. We are suppliers of both formulated products and raw materials.

paint / coating stripping

Our experts have decades of specialist industrial stripping knowledge for a variety of coatings and metals, including:

·         paint

·         powder coat

·         aluminium

·         steel

·         lacquers from decorative articles

phosphate coating

We specialise in a range of phosphate finishes, no matter where your parts are used, our finishes provide high quality coatings in variety of coating types:

·         Iron

·         Lightweight Zinc

·         Heavyweight Zinc

·         Manganese

bronzing & patina

Over our years in product development, we have formulated a wide range of patination and bronzing products, used for the decorative finishing of copper, brass nickel and steel.

We will often work with operators to formulate a product for individual customers requirements and also offer protective post treatment waxes and oils.

raw materials

Chemical treatment processes will often require raw materials for both maintenance and adjustment. We offer a huge range of base materials for processes from plating solution adjustment and pre-treatment to effluent treatment.


We produce the Hyperclene ® range of cleaning products. So, whatever you need to clean - Hyperclene® for the perfect result every time!

The Hyperclene range of cleaning products find solutions for numerous applications. As with many of our formulated products, we can adjust or even formulate around our customer requirements. The Hyperclene name is a brand to be trusted for all of your cleaning needs:

  • industrial degreasing
  • solvent degreasing
  • ultrasonic
  • janitorial
  • automotive


Our analysis service assists with your production and performance. We offer analysis service to allow our customers to continue production to the high standards expected. We offer "in-house" laboratory services and can advise users after analysis.

customer support

Our customer support team is here to assist you in making cost effective and correct use of our products. We offer technical support including assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.

Our product range is frequently expanding, producing more and more quality products, adapting to industry trends.