The HyBronze brand is a range of bronzing and patina products, used to impart colours and patinas to a range of materials; usually brass and copper.

These materials are used across numerous media for a multitude of end user applications. From door handles, to shopfronts and signage; from hinges to light switches. There are a number of products that Access Chemicals manufacture that can impart colour to parts, transforming your work with ease.

As part of the HyBronze range, we also manufacture a range of post treatment protectives, such as Bees or Microcrystalline based waxes.

The Access manufactured HyBronze range has a range of immersion, spray or brush applied solution based materials, as well as "Bronzing Powders" which are applied "in-situ" and ideal for decorative refurbishment of shop fittings and decorative plaques.


Hyperclene is our trademarked name; synonymous with quality cleaning materials.

The Hyperclene brand name covers numerous applications, from industrial to janitorial and automotive.

Access Chemicals use the Hyperclene name as a mark of quality.


HyperBrite is used across our metal finishing range of materials. Our electroplating materials are formulated for ease of use as well as performance, ensuring operators can maintain processes with relative ease as well as producing excellent, bright materials, across a range of different metal finishing types.

The HyperBrite name can be found in Zinc and Nickel plating processes, as well as Aluminium treatment and Anodising.


TriFin is the latest brand to come to the Access Chemicals catalogue. TriFin products are based upon Trivalent chrome, as opposed to traditional hexavalent chromium materials. The solutions are generally far safer to the operator and the environment, therefore ensuring that they can be applied to a great number of application sectors subject to stringent environmental and "end of life" stipulations in manufacture.

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